Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to Duct Tape My Children

I knew this time was coming, I just didn't know when. I officially need to go buy duct tape for my boys. I had to do it with Emma, and I guess the boys are no different. Yes, I am talking about duct taping my kids. No, I am not kidding. Before you call CPS, let me explain.

This morning I was on the computer checking my daily blogs while the boys were watching cartoons. Marty and Emma were at the store getting donuts for breakfast, the boys were having their usual morning nakey time, and everyone was happy. I looked over at Ben to see him standing in front of the TV. The first thing I saw was his little nakey buns. Now, nakey buns are not a part of nakey time, I am not so stupid to let my toddlers run sans diapers. I saw him holding his diaper over his head, and smearing the inner part throughout his hair and on his face. I ran faster than I ever thought I could to take it from him, praying all the while that the fact that it was just changed an hour ago meant it was still clean and dry. Luckily, it was not poopy, but it was a little wet. Nasty.

When Emma was about that age, I would put her in her crib for time-out. She would then rip her diaper off and pee all over her bed and the walls, her way of protesting time-outs, I guess. I solved the dilemma by going to Michael's craft store and buying a roll of pink duct tape. I put a little piece of tape across the tabs of the diaper so she couldn't get it off, and it solved the problem. I will have to see if Michael's carries some cool boy styled duct tape, like camouflage. I guess since they are boys, just plain silver will do, but what would be the fun in that? Really, if you are going to duct tape your children, at least make it interesting duct tape!


The Campbell Family said...

Target sells duct tape in all sorts of fun colors... and I have seen camo before somewhere, just not sure where. walmart? schucks? i dunno, but it's out there!!!

Good luck :)

Love my babes said...

My kids Doc actually asked me in jest if I duck taped Connor when he was young. I thought about it but never did it.

Tracie said...

If you do use duct tape, just make sure you take lots of pictures so you can torture them later on in life. Their future wives will love hearing that story.