Monday, November 17, 2008

Melissa is NOT My Hero (But I Love Her Anyway...)

I had put the boys to bed, and Emma was cleaning up a little so she could stay up later and we would play a video game together. While she was cleaning, I decided to take a minute and check my spam mail box. What I found there was quite disturbing.

Yahoo has been putting random stuff in my spam box. I have learned to skim through it all to make sure I don't trash something important, but today of all days, I wish I hadn't. There was a comment on my blog from Melissa at Full Circle, but the notification was sent to the spam box so I didn't get it right away. Today, my twins have reached new heights (literally) and have not only been screaming, but into everything and destroying the house. I had just put them to bed when I got the message from Melissa that I was tagged in a meme.

Now, this is not one of those cute, fun fourth picture in your fourth folder memes, my instructions were simple. Drop everything, get out your camera and take pictures of your living room and where you blog from and post them. No cleaning, no tidying, just your house as is. Melissa, you know I love you, but you are not my favorite person right now. Last night we had people over, so the house was at least close to clean, but NO, I had to get the challenge tonight. Grrrrrrrrr...

At least Emma was cleaning up already, so I took my time switching lenses on the camera. I knew I couldn't stall very long, so I got to it. I did put a blanket around Emma first, I don't need pictures of my daughter in her undies on the internet. Well, here you go, my messy living room:

The streamers are still up from Pink and Care Bear's birthday. You can see the Happy Birthday sign in the window, although you can't read it. Yes, I am very much aware that the window treatments are not me, but they came with the house and I haven't bothered to replace them yet. And yes, we have white couches. I told you I was crazy!

This is where all my blogging comes from. It is also where all the junk mail and miscellaneous papers accumulate, so it tends to be messy. I know the pictures on the wall are not straight, but the washing machine spin cycle shakes the whole place and I refuse to straighten pictures three times a day, so we live with it. Do you like the cat not wanting to pose for a picture?

This is the dining room. Yes, those are dinner bowls still on the table. My darling husband sent me into my room for some quiet time after dinner, and I got to be alone. He had basketball tonight, but he told me not to touch the dishes and he would do them when he got home. Gosh, these pictures just remind me of how badly my house needs pretty paint and chairs that match, or are at least not broken.

Finally, Teddy. Relaxing after the torturous boys are in their beds, but disturbed that even his comfy rug had been messed with today.

I am so tired and cranky, I think that the house will look pretty much the same come morning, minus the dishes. Anyway, I did it, Melissa! I am not proud, but that is my house. Now, I have the distinct honor of tagging three more people. I choose:

Holly at Snowmommy
Christy at Babysoup

Girls, please don't hate me! Please, please, please!


Kristl said...

This simply proves that, while taking care of rambunctious twins, (boys, mind you!), and a precocious (sp??) little girl, your house still manages to look slightly walked in, and by that I simply mean, you could most likely eat off the floor. You are your own worst critic, and given the houses I've seen, this is immaculate. Compared to my bedroom at this very moment, it's spectacular! :O) <3

Lirre said...

That's wonderful you have at home. Sorry I'm so bad to give funds the spirit of your blog.

Love Linda

Melissa said...

GREAT JOB!!! I thank the Good Lord I haven't started blogging from the bathroom yet... ;o)

Anonymous said...

This is how my house looks and I only have 2 kids!!! It's not sooo bad ;)

Tiff said...

I will admit, the house has looked worse. You will notice, however, that there are no pictures of the kitchen, I was not willing to go there.

Kristl, I purposely did not get the living room floor in the picture. The kids actually had been eating off of it earlier, but instead of finishing their cheese and crackers decided to have a dance party on top of them and ground them into the rug. I guess you could eat off of my floor, there's enough food ground in there to feed a few people!