Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Pics!

We had our family pictures done a couple of weeks ago, in an attempt to get our Christmas cards done early. We were rushed in order to get done before the boys completely melted down since it was getting close to naptime, and we hoped there was a picture worth using. This is one of my favorites, don't the kids look great?

OK, this is the final picture for the Christmas card. It is actually a combo of two pics, Grant's head is photo shopped from another picture. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to do family pictures before the wonderful digital age we are in now, how else are we supposed to fake that we always have happy, smiling, cooperative children?

Our pics were done by the bestest photographer in the county, if not the world, Amy Parsons. If you have not yet checked out her website, go HERE. She really is ultra-talented and does a great job every time. (Look, Amy! A great plug, and I didn't even mention you are my sister! HeeHee!)
I ordered our Christmas cards yesterday, and now must start the monstrous task of addressing them all. Every year, I think that I should just put all the addresses into the computer and print the labels, but I never do. I truly think that if I were to actually take the time to do that this year, with our luck lately our printer would break and I'd have to do them all by hand anyway, so why waste the time? Although, hand addressing 125 cards is not looking too fun either. I need an assistant.


Snow Mommy said...

I love the picture! I am doing a test run on my pictures at costco, finally figured out how to put the border on!

Lirre said...

WOW what financial cards on you. She is very good at taking short. Is the photographer himself, so I see that she has talent.

Hug Linda

Love my babes said...

YOu guys look great! Even if you aren't related to Amy you have to see that she is amazing! I hope to have her do ours while she is visiting down here.

Kristl said...

I really hope you print at least one of the first pictures.... too hilarious! And the "official" picture is of course, fantabulous... If you'd be willing, I am offering my handwriting services, pick any Saturday you have open before they need to go out. You've got my number. My gift to you, this holiday season!