Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Big Adventure!

It is amazing how your life changes when you pop out a bunch of kids in a row. I am truly excited by our adventures last night, which if you think too much about it, is quite pathetic. I loaded the boys up and met Marty and Emma in town, he had picked Emma up from school and brought her to work with him for a while. We met at Costco where we picked up our Christmas cards, looked at Christmas dresses for Emma, and wandered the toy section to get ideas of what the kids would like to ask Santa for for Christmas. For some reason, Marty showed Emma the $300 power Escalade that we will never be able to afford, besides, I can't imagine a power SUV thingy in a house with this many kids. They must be designed for one-child families or families with well spaced out kiddos, ours would certainly decide to play hospital crash victim and actually run each other over first.

After we were done wandering, we had a nice dinner out. Costco is really the only way we can afford to eat out as a family, you can't beat feeding a family of soon-to-be-six for less than ten bucks. Everyone loved their hot dogs and I was thrilled by my chicken caesar salad, anything that I don't have to prepare or clean up after is fabulous. After our fancy dinner, we headed to the mall to go to Target. I have been wearing hats the last few days since we are completely out of gel, and we were dangerously close to being out of toothpaste, which would not be a good thing. We also had to check out the Halloween clearance, and I got a couple of really cute decorations for next year for a dollar! WooHoo! Marty hates them, but too bad. He's a boy, his opinion doesn't count when it comes to cute decorations. We had to get clearance chocolate (I think it's a law) and then we were off to let the kids run the play area. They had a great time till well after bedtime, and we packed up after Ben accidentally got clothes-lined by some older kids and suddenly realized how tired he was, he wouldn't play after that, just wandered the play area crying. Poor kid.

Overall, it was a great night. I love getting out of the house, and spending time as a family when we are not rushed to the next thing, which is a rarity. I really do look forward to the Christmas season, it is an excuse to get out and wander and look for gifts. And since that has to be done, shopping can take precedence over cleaning the house! WooHoo, I love Christmas!

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Lirre said...

It is not cheap with a large family. We are four now and the money just rolls off. Soon we will become seven when it goes to even more money:) only for Daniel to earn a little extra now before them will.