Friday, November 7, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I was tagged by Holly! It's kind of fun to have new bloggy games to play. Anyway, the deal is I have to go to the My Pictures file on my computer, and go to the fourth pic in the fourth file, and blog about it. This is it!

Emma and Grant were coloring at the table and did not want to color in different chairs, since, you know, it is SO much easier to color when you are snuggling. They were so cute I had to get a picture, and of course, in this house, you cannot have your picture taken without striking a pose. This was taken in August of this year. It's amazing how Grant has lost a lot of the baby look in just the last three months, but he sure has. Please ignore the paint chipping off the back of the chair, we are going for a shabby-chic look in our house. Actually, it's just a shabby-our-furniture-is-crap-but-we-refuse-to-replace-it-till-the kids-are-in-school-and-won't-trash-it-but-that-will-be-a-while-since-we-keep-having-more-and-more-children look, but shabby-chic sounds so much better. I will have to go around with a sharpie today, I didn't notice the chair was that bad, but it is really standing out in the picture to me.

Bloggers, tag, now you are it!

Family, congratulations on my Mother-In-Law's birthday!


Anonymous said...

We've decided that as soon as our kids move out on their own we're gonna go to their "open house" (invited or not) and trash their "pads"!!! We can't wait to jump on the couch's and bed's, throw food on the floor and then mash it into the carpet....etc. I'm sure you get the picture :)
That's what gets us thru the "shabby chic" phase!!

Tiff said...

Great idea! I love it!