Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank God It's Bedtime!

Whoo, boy, today is one of those days that makes the good days seem even sweeter. Grant finally fell asleep after screaming for over an hour, and slept for four minutes. Now, that is not an exaggerating four minutes, like when I say I have been pregnant for twelve years or my husband works six hundred hours a week. That is a real, honest four minutes. Just four minutes before he was screaming again. I tried ignoring him, hoping his exhaustion would take over, but he just got hysterical. I went in and rocked him for a while to calm him down, but as soon as Grant stopped crying, Ben woke up and started crying since he was still in his crib while brother was being gently rocked in the rocking chair. I finally gave up two hours after I had initially put them to bed, and resigned myself to a very long day. No nap for Grant and very little for Ben did not make for happy boys, but they are in bed now and I can relax. Yes, they are screaming, but I think I'll just turn up the volume on the TV and call it a night. The good news is, tomorrow will be better. Guaranteed. Either the kids will be better behaved, or I will run away from home as soon as Marty gets home form work, so either way it'll be an improvement!

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