Friday, November 21, 2008

Jumping On The Thankfulness Bandwagon

Holly, Tracie, and Erin are doing daily posts to celebrate what they are thankful for as we approach Thanksgiving. Holly started it, and challenged us all to follow, but refused to officially tag us since she is still bitter that I made her take pictures of her office. (I have not been one of the things she is thankful for, but I know she loves me anyway.)

Today, I am thankful for the simple things. Thankful that I was blessed enough to be born in America. I have a wonderful, warm, safe home where I can raise my kids however I want. I have clean, running water in my home. (Well, most of the time!) I know my children will never starve, since we have a government that will provide for people in need. If my kids get sick, I have access to fabulous medical care. I know our government is not perfect, but our country is amazing compared to some where women have to sell some children into slavery in order to feed their other kids, or who watch their children die of basic illnesses that could be treated. I am not trying to be depressing here, I just am truly thankful for all we have and all we can do.

I think sometimes we get caught up in everything we don't have, and forget about what we do have. Anyone who knows us knows we are broke and make a lot of sacrifices, but these are so minor compared to the majority of the population of the world. Yes, our kids have listened to music on a record player, but we have electricity and we love to dance as a family. Yes, my van is missing two hubcaps and the speedometer does not work, but I have transportation that is safe, reliable, and we have the freedom to go wherever we want. We do not have money for entertainment, but we have a fantastic family that loves and supports each other, and we truly like spending time together. We are so wealthy in the things that matter, and I would not trade that for the world. I love my country, I love my life, and I love my family. I don't need anything else.

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