Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Cannot Shut off My Mind to Sleep

It's 4:30am. Why in the world am I blogging at 4:30am, when I should be enjoying my last little bit of slumber, tucked in between my fleece sheets and warm and cozy? Because I'm stupid. That's why.

I woke up a little bit ago for my nightly trip to the bathroom, but first had to go to Ben's room to give him back the bink that had fallen on the floor. In the hallway was Emma's baby stroller, the angle and the tiny bit of light made it look like a dead cat. That jarred my mind enough to wake me up a little, but once I discovered it was truly a stroller and not the stiff remains of dear Teddy, I kept going. Gave a crying Ben his bink, he flopped back in his crib, and I was headed back to our room to go to the bathroom. I kind of, but not really, noticed that flushing the toilet sounded a little... off. You know when you are tired and you think that something isn't quite right, but you can't think enough to figure out what? Strange. To the sink to wash my hands, turned on the faucet and stuck my hands under the... teeny tiny trickle? Crapola, we have no running water. The toilet was able to flush because of the water in the reservoir, but not refill, and there was noting more coming out of the tap.

I went back to bed and gave Marty a warning that he needs to get up a little earlier, since he might have to go somewhere else to shower. I attempted to go back to sleep, but thoughts kept plaguing me. We had some work done on our well earlier this year, and the guy said our pressure regulator was going to need to be replaced eventually, so I am guessing that is what is wrong. But when did the water give out? Did the dishwasher finish running before it happened, or are the boys' morning milk cups sitting in the dishwasher caked with soap, needing a good rinse? Will I remember in the morning to ask Marty to get out my stash of bottled water, or will I have to lug it out myself? When will the well repair guys be able to come, and how long can I survive with three kids and a preggo without running water? Thank the good Lord I have a stash of bottled water already, since we are on a well whenever we lose power, we lose water, which I discovered quite by accident last year. Are they going to need to order a part for the regulator, which will take days to come in? Who can I move in with? The last time we lost water, some mineral sludge got stirred up in the bottom of the well, and our water was brown for four days. Will that happen again? How am I going to survive five people not being able to flush a toilet?

This is why I cannot sleep. I am hoping that blogging about this will tire me out and make me cold enough so that I thoroughly enjoy getting back into bed, and my mind will stop. The dishwasher is fine, by the way, and I will not wake Marty up to get the water out yet. I sure hope I remember later...

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