Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankfulness Day 6

I am thankful for the wonderful technology that we so often take advantage of. I think of those women who lived a long time ago, where they had no birth control (can you imagine?!? I'd have 48 kids!) and cooked their dinner over a wood stove, sewed their own clothes and did laundry by hand. I am so grateful that God decided that I am best fit for this generation, where we have modern conveniences like dishwashers, cars, and white wine. I am grateful that I can plop my kids in front of the TV while I cook dinner on my nice stove, and that I didn't have to pluck the chicken first. (Sorry, Tracie!) I am thankful that I can keep up with my friends on their blogs and that I have my blog as an outlet to keep me out of therapy.

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