Thursday, November 13, 2008

Note to Self: Do Not Blog Before 7 am

I woke up this morning, and after a few sleepy stretches, thought to myself, "Did I really blog at 4:30 this morning?" Why yes, yes I did. If you have not read the previous post, do so before you finish this one, but please forgive my strange writing.

I re-read my post and thought, "What was I thinking?" I really have no business doing anything at 4:30 in the morning besides peeing. Well, except on Black Friday, when I will be shopping, but that's a different subject all together. My previous post does not make a lot of sense in a lot of areas, my first thought was to go in and edit it before anyone saw, but between 4:30 and 9 am, several people were on my blog already. So, I decided to do the next best thing, which is make fun of myself. By the way, I did not sleep in till 9 am, that was just my first chance to get on the computer. My life is not that luxurious.

The 'well repair guys'? I think people actually call them plumbers. Maybe not, maybe they are actually 'water treatment engineers' or something like that, but I doubt you could look up Well Repair Guys and find anything in the yellow pages. I would go look just to find out, but I am lazy today, and the phone book is in the kitchen.

Anywhoo, this morning I called the plumbers (and I did call them plumbers by the way, not well repair guys) and they sent out the same guy who worked on our well earlier this year. He found an electrical switch that controlled the pressure regulator was burned out. I was a little concerned I was going to have to call an electrician (or maybe a 'light switch guy'?) until it dawned on me that the plumber was from Whatcom Plumbing and Electric, so I was covered. He went back to his shop, got the part, and fixed our water. That's right, not even three hours after I made the original call for help, he had fixed our problem. Now that's what I call service!

Long story short, we have water. Yay! We were also able to refrain from draining every last faucet in the house, meaning we did not stir up any minerals, so the water we have is not sludgy brown. Super Yay! He also found an area where a plastic pipe is leaking, and he will fix it before it freezes and bursts this winter, causing a huge calamity. Super Duper Yay! I can just picture bringing a newborn baby into this house and suddenly not having running water then. Hoo, boy.

The kids are much better behaved today than yesterday, which means they took me seriously when I threatened to velcro them to the wall if they tried the same stunts today. It's nice to know I still have some powers of persuasion around here...

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