Monday, November 10, 2008

At Least Vets are Cheaper Than Doctors...

Ben has been eating a lot lately. I mean, a LOT. Grant is not eating as much, I have been chalking it up to different growth patterns and the fact that Ben weighs a lot more than Grant, so he just plain eats more. He always has. It has been easier having twins with this situation, Ben finishes his dinner, Grant doesn't, so Ben finishes Grant's. No food wasted, no extra work to get Ben more food. Fan-tabulous.

Tonight at dinner, we noticed Ben was spending a bit of time with his fork down at his side. He was eating well, so we didn't worry about it, till he started looking sown there and giggling. When Grant joined in on the giggling, I decided to take a look. Ben was feeding the cat chunks of chicken and mashed potatoes off of his fork, under the table. Yes folks, that's right, my "good eater" is simply fattening up the cat with tasty, homemade nibblets of goodness. I had made extra potatoes and gravy tonight since they have been sounding sooooooo good lately, mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch, no packages of anything, just tasty, perfectly seasoned russet potatoes and gravy made from the drippings of the chicken we had for dinner. The yummy deliciousness I was wanting as leftovers for my late night snack was being fed to the cat. Yes, I know, I am going on and on about food and making up words, but I am pregnant. Deal with it. Just so you know though, spell check says that deliciousness is actually a word. Ha.

Anywhoo, I am trying not to think of the fact that Ben has been sharing his fork with the cat, and the germiness that goes along with that. I am going to say it is building his immune system, and forget all about it. The cat will be kicked outside during dinner from now on though, I do NOT want to have to explain to anyone why my child has tapeworms. I wonder if our vet would be considered a preferred provider?

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Snow Mommy said...

I can see you explaining to the vet that you need him to check out your toddler.