Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pink and Care Bear!

Yesterday I was informed by my darling Emma that it was Pink (her teddy bear) and Care Bear's birthday. "So Mommy, we need to decorate, cause it's their birthday, and people always have decorations for their birthday." Cousin Lily had done the same thing a while back, so I kind of thought it was coming. Hey, I had nothing better to do, all my usual morning chores like dishes and laundry could not be done since we had no running water, so we went with it. I have a bin of birthday stuff, half rolls of streamers, balloons, banners, old decorations, and goody bag things that I keep on hand in case I need to bribe the children. The bin cane out, and we decorated with pink streamers, pink balloons, and made a banner that read, "Happy Birthday, Pink and Care Bear!" All the kids worked together coloring the banner, and it kept them busy for quite a while. Every Thursday, Grandma Lori and Poppa Wayne come over for dinner, so they came last night and Grandma brought stickers for Pink and Care Bear's presents, we had ice cream for dessert.

All day Emma was telling me they had turned five years old, but this morning, she informed me they were just one. I looked at her big, brown eyes with her sweet, innocent smiling face and told her, "Just because they are one does not mean they get four more birthdays this year." The smile faded fast. "But Mom! They are only one year old and they need to catch up to me!" "Nope, they are five. They will have another birthday next year, just like everyone else." "OK, Mommy." The sad little defeated girl walked away as I tried not to burst out laughing. Ah, the creativity of children.

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