Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out and Vote!

For any of you living under a rock, today is voting day. I love voting, for some reason, I get a kick out of filling out the little lines on the ballot, following the directions of the ballot goes into the secrecy envelope (doesn't that just sound so official and cool?) and the secrecy envelope into the regular envelope, signing it, sealing it, and mailing it off. One thing I hate about voting, however, is that since we are now a vote-by-mail state, we don't get the "I Voted" stickers anymore. I love the stickers! That has always been one of my favorite parts, maybe I am re-living my childhood days of getting a sticker for turning in my spelling test, but the sticker is great. You can imagine my pure joy when Marty called me today to tell me that he dropped our ballots off at the courthouse and asked the guy for some stickers! YAY, I have a sticker! Well, I will when Marty comes home from work, but just knowing that I have a sticker coming is making my day cheery and great. Yup, it doesn't take much.

Anywhoo, get out and vote! If any of you think that your one little vote does not count, let me tell you, it does count. A LOT. And, if you do not vote, you will have no right at all to complain the next four years about how the government is screwing things up. Let's face it, you will not agree with every decision our elected officials make in the next term, so unless you want to bite your tongue and smile whenever the topic comes up about how President Whoever vetoed the bill that would have saved the world from Saddam and Hitler's DNA being used to create a Super Psycho, go vote!


Love my babes said...

Rock on Tiff!!! I completely agree about voting. I would love a sticker it would also make my day. Have a great one!!!

Lirre said...

You have really wonderful children. And now is on the way to exciting. Do you know what that is? Thanks for your posts on my blog.

Love Linda