Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MENSA, Anyone?

I think we should recognize that life experience is crucial to kids' learning. The last two days have been filled with learning for all members of the family. This is why I am choosing to celebrate the accomplishments of the last two days and share them all with you. Did that sound sappy and convincing? I hope so!

The things we have learned in the last two days:

-The boys discovered that they are now tall enough to reach things on the kitchen counters and the island. If they work together, they can get the bowl of Halloween candy off the island, carry it to a corner of the living room and hide to chew on candy, wrappers and all.

-Starburst will come out of white microfiber couches.

-The boys can push the dining room chairs up to the sink so they can climb up and bang dirty silverware against breakable dishes.

-I learned to jump at the sound of chairs sliding on the floor.

-I can run faster pregnant than I thought I could.

-The boys figured out how to work together to carry a chair across the kitchen so it doesn't make any noise.

-I learned that unfortunately, the sound of silence is actually worse than the sound of screaming.

-Ben can break the childproof latch off the cupboard with he garbage in it, and playing with raw chicken fat is fun.

-I can clean raw chicken fat off a toddler while pregnant without throwing up.

-Emma learned that if her brothers are being especially difficult, she might get to play with play-dough in her bedroom by herself if she stays quiet.

-Grant discovered that you can take a noodle and dip one end in your blueberry yogurt and it's really fun to fling it around and watch where the yogurt goes.

-Ben does not like the feeling of blueberry yogurt in his ear.

-Ben can put a baseball under the water dispenser in the fridge, and if you throw that cold, wet ball at your brother, he will scream. Very loud.

-Ben can run faster than Grant.

-Marty re-discovered the power of bringing home chocolate to your stressed out wife.

-If I am unable to shower or change my clothes for two days, my husband will still come home from work and tell me I am beautiful. And he can do it with a straight face.

-I have the greatest family in the world.


Love my babes said...

Look at all you would miss out on if you didn't stay home;o) Thanks for the giggle. I am in the same club as you only my 2 at home are not twins but they can sure use their heads together to make unbelievable messes. Yuck on the chicken fat and congrats on not throwing up.

P.S. I will post my tag as soon as Donnie gets out of the room in his underwear.

TheOldestStudent said...

Congrats on all the recently acquired knowledge. And kudos to Marty for doing and saying very wise things.