Monday, November 3, 2008

Emma, the Genius

Emma is four going on fifteen. Some days, she amazes me with her knowledge of things, her maturity handling bullies, and her genuine caring for her family. Other days, however, she blows me away with behavior that I thought we had several years to go before we encountered.

I might have mentioned before, Emma thinks she knows everything. She has told us this on a few occasions, usually when Marty and I are busy trying to figure something out, she buts in with, "Guys, if you are doing some figuring, you can just ask me to help." "Why should we ask you, Emma?" "I can help you, since I know everything."

The first time she did this, it cracked us up. We tried to laugh silently, but this was one of those that we could not hold it in. She was so serious, concerned for our welfare and sure that she could solve any problem we had. She did it again last week, while I was on the computer. Not quite as funny the third time. I turned to her, and asked, "You know everything? What's the square root of nine?" "Umm, I don't know." "Who is the president of the United States?" She thought a minute. "Daddy?" "Nope." "You, Mommy?" "Nope." All of a sudden, her eyes got big, and in complete awe, she asked, "Is it me?"

I can only imagine the teenage years with this one.

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Love my babes said...

President Emma Stauffer has a ring to it. The kids would all support her w/her stance on more recess, no bedtime & candy for dinner;o)