Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

My, my, my, today I have not even had the time to blog. Well, technically, I did have time, but I chose to take a nap instead. This morning started out with intentions to go grocery shopping, lest we have cream of ranch dressing and salsa soup for dinner. Yes, it was that bad. Anywhoo, Amy offered to meet me at the grocery store to give me a hand, so I got ready by doing our regular having-all-the-kids-take-a-shower-with-me, so I could keep tabs on 'em.

First thing, I put the boys on the potty. Grant did not go, but sat a while, which is all we are going for right now. Ben sat down, leaned back (which logistically is never a good idea, but I did not notice) and peed. All over my foot, the floor, and the scale. Yup, kid's potties are not always built to catch everything that sprays, and basically can become a stool to pee from and not a place to pee in.

I got that all cleaned up and hit the shower. It was going well, everyone was shampooed, and we were getting ready to rinse off when Grant decided to try and climb up on the bench in the shower. He slipped and fell, hitting his chin on the way down and biting his tongue. I had forgotten how much tongues bleed, I picked him up right away but before long he had blood dripping off his toes. He was covered in blood, I was subsequently covered in blood, Emma was freaking out because of all of the blood, and Ben was happily playing, oblivious to everything that was going on.

Here's a challenge. You have a small child who is bleeding profusely, but has shampoo in his hair. Do you end the shower immediately to tend to the injured boy, risking the chance of getting shampoo in his eyes and making it worse; or tick him off immediately by rinsing the shampoo out of his hair while he is screaming and bleeding everywhere? I debated this for a while, not knowing what would be the best way to handle my screaming child. I ended up holding him long enough in my indecisiveness for him to calm down and stop bleeding, and was able to rinse everyone off and get out of the shower. Grant was still very upset, both in pain and freaked out from the fall. I held him for a quite a while, just consoling him. Meanwhile Ben was running wildly throughout the room, no diaper or anything. Whenever I tried to put Grant down to diaper Ben, Grant would scream and cling to me, so I gave up and held my injured, scared boy and resigned myself to cleaning up pee later.

Surprisingly, Ben never peed. I guess peeing on my foot earlier was enough to keep him from spraying my bedroom, so I was happy. Grant finally calmed down, and we got ready for shopping. The shopping trip went great, having Amy there to keep the boys moving made for a much easier time. The boys only shoplifted once, which is pretty good for them. The problem was they grabbed the fruit snacks that were on sale that I wanted to buy anyway, but I never want to give in to just grabbing things off the shelves. I made them put it back, and sneaked a different variety into the cart later, hopefully by the time I get them out they will have forgotten about the shoplifting experience and just be pleased with the snack.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I was having a lot of contractions and just wanted to get off my feet, so I grabbed the refrigerated groceries out of the van and left the rest for later. Threw together an easy lunch for the kids, put them to bed, and collapsed on the couch where I stayed for the next two hours. It was fabulous.

So, that was why I never blogged today. I am hoping that tomorrow will be easier and I can get some good blogging done. We will have to wait and see!

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Love my babes said...

Life is never boring w/twin boys is it? Hope Grant's tounge feels better. I am not good w/blood esp. from the face.