Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raccons, Revisited

I apologize in advance for the stupidity of this post. I don't know what I am thinking this morning.

I was informed through the comments on yesterday's post that I was remiss in my raccoon dialogue. I was scolded informed that since we live right outside a Dutch Community and five miles from Canada, the raccoons needed to sound more Dutch Canadian. My raccoons yesterday seemed to be a bit Jersey-Italian-Mafia, which is entirely inappropriate for this area of the country. If you have no idea what I an talking about, go HERE and read it first, we will wait for you.

OK, done? Good.
Just so you know, I do not know much about the Dutch world, I am Swedish. Since Holland is close to Sweden, I am making my raccoons a little more Scandinavian.
Because it's my blog, and I can.
As I wish to have this blog be as honest as possible, I need to re-write the previous post.
Scandinavian-Canadian style.
(I sure hope I am not completely offending the Dutch people here. If so, I apologize.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the raccoon conversation from yesterday, in more accurate terms:
"Come now, everyone, we all know Ollie's place, the one that had that wunderful cat food ya know? Now they have treats that appear every day, ay! Like Lutefisk from heaven! If we could only get inside that van in the driveway, we'd be stuffed for life, ya sure, ya betcha!" "Oh, yeah, I know the place! It's the one with that guy who keeps throwing cereal out of the van onto the ground, thinking he is feeding the birds, ay?" "Yah, the birds, hahahahahahahahahaha!" (Insert rounds of raccoon laughter here, mixed with some "uff da's" and a few raccooney knee slaps.) "The only place better than that one, ya know, is the dumpster after the fattigman and krumkake dessert buffet!" "Oh, yah, a lutefisk dinner, and the fattigmann and krumkaga dessert buffet is aboot the best there is, ay?" "We must encourage Ollie to move to greener pastures, ya know? Uff da, Sven, I know he's your cousin, but we've gotta get rid of him and get a hold of those snacks, ay!" "Yah, and lets tell those folks to start feeding the kids Jule Kaga in the van, ya know, ay?" "Yah, lets get our wooden clogs on and get ourselves a new hoouse, ya sure, ya betcha!"

(See, I threw a little Dutch in there after all!)


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

You are crazy!

Tracie said...


Thanks for fixing your blog. I feel sooo much better now!

The Campbell Family said...

Are they irish now too? Sweetie, you need to call the dr. and up your meds..... or just get some lol

The Campbell Family said...

get some meds that is... not implying you need to "get some"....

Paco said...

LOL!!!! I thought it was get some sleep!!! Too funny Tiff now can we get it in a tex-mex styling :)

Snow Mommy said...

aboot, ha ha ha!

Love my babes said...

LOL! YOu are a hoot! All I get around here in the middle of town in apple stealing squirrels. But they sure are entertaining. But not as much as your multi-cultural racoons.