Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursdays with Tiffani

I have been working all morning, wondering what I should post. Was Emma's story this morning funny enough? Probably not. Am I feeling deep and reflective? Nope. What do I do?

Then it hit me. Duh, it's Thursday, which means Thursdays with Tiffani time! Remember, this was created by Tiffiny, go check her blog out! And feel free to do a Thursdays with You if you would like, too!

I am Thankful for... Naptime. It's been one of those days, where naptime didn't come soon enough. I have stuff to do, but for now I will sit and blog to clear my head.

I'm listening to... Drew cooing on my lap, and the rumbling of our very loud computer, as it tries to hold on just a little longer. (You can do it, computer!)

I'm looking forward to... Warm weather, going outside and cleaning up the yard some more. Planting my garden, and eating peas. Barbecue three night a week. Have I mentioned I love springtime?

What's for Dinner Tonight... Tonight, we are going to the buffet at the casino as a family. Not our little family (no, I am not taking my kids to the casino) but rather as an extended family. The grown ups. I am having dinner with grown ups! And I don't have to cook or clean! Oh, happy day! Now, if I could just be like that lady that won ten grand on the penny slots recently, it would be the best day ever!

Missing.... Still missing the milk cup. It has been two weeks now, which means it is time to buy a new one. I don't like to waste money, but by the time I do find it, it will be worth four bucks to me to not have to clean it. Totally worth it. I am also missing sleep, as Drew thinks it is fun to wake up every hour and a half to feed at night, and wants to play at 4:30 am lately. I hope this growth spurt passes quickly.

Have a happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Oh - can you plant peas already? How about carrots? I'll have to check w/my garden center huh? :)
Oh - it may be the fan in your computer - ours got really loud and when I would kick or hit it lightly on the side it would stop making that loud noise. ;)
Naptimes are AWESOME! :) We're setting up an area in my garden for potatoes this year and a few other things. :) I'll put pics on my blog - soon!

Anonymous said...

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