Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bloggy Block

I have been neglecting my blog lately.

I used to blog every night and set it to post in the morning. Then, I started just blogging in the morning and posting it immediately. Now, I am lucky if I get it done by noon.

I don't know what is the biggest problem, if the slow computer makes me frustrated so that I just don't want to make the attempt, knowing the whole thing is going to shut down unexpectedly at some point in the process; or if I am so tired at night that I can't think clearly enough to write a coherent sentence; or that I am spending so much time outside with the kids that the housework is getting further and further behind, so I have a hard time justifying the computer time. Maybe it's the fact that kids are so crazy that I can't focus on anything for five seconds without hearing, "Moooooom! He took my toy (that I stole from him in the first place, but if I say he took it, maybe I can keep it, because my attempt to make him hit me over the head with it have failed!)" I don't know. Maybe I am in the midst of a run of bloggers block, and inspiration is not striking. Maybe it is a combination of everything.

Case in point: It has taken me three hours to write this much. I just took some stickers off the front of the TV that Emma had given Grant, and Grant decided to decorate Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse himself. Grant threw a fit that I threw the stickers away, and Emma told me that she had given him the stickers to make him happy. I took the stickers and made him unhappy. That was rude of me to make him unhappy. Rude, Mommy!

It took forty minutes to write that last paragraph.

I need to get through the garage sale this weekend, I need to get my house in order, and I need more sleep. I desperately need sleep. I have had about twenty nights of getting eight uninterrupted hours of sleep. In three years. And that is not because I am a restless sleeper, it is because I have been woken by small children or a pregnant bladder almost every night. My brain is not functioning well, I type and my left hand moves faster than my right, so the words end up all messed up.

Oh, I did manage to get pictures hung back up on the wall last night from painting the living room. I bought new frames so that they would all match, but have not yet printed pictures to fit the new sizes. So I have a wall of nicely hung pictures of the 'picture frame model family' on my wall. It's progress, though, right? Right?!?

Please bear with me as my blogging is a bit unscheduled as of late. I will try to get things back on track ofter this garage sale. Or after I get more sleep. Or after Drew goes off to college. Something like that.


the story of my life... said...

I don't have twins...but I feel for you!! Chin up..thinking of you and good luck with Drew going to college..I heard it is EXPENSIVE!

Megan said...

i think you're contagious, my blogging time has been overtaken by super needy/fighting children

Love my babes said...

I hear you I have been not attending my blog much lately either. Mine isn't as much tiny children but just children and lovely weather take presidence. HOpe you enjoy the weather and the house figures out how to self clean so you can enjoy kids and weather w/o ever having to clean. That would be the best invention EVER!