Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursdays With Tiffani, Short and Sweet Edition

I am Thankful for...My hubby still being employed. Man, it's nasty out there!

I'm listening to... Survivor! I know, I'm really late with today's post. But I got it done, and that counts, right?

What's for Dinner Tonight... We had teriyaki chicken and veggies and rice. There was a little bit left and I was thinking it would make a great bedtime snack, but Marty saw how little there was and threw it away. I need to communicate better.

Missing... Still a nursing bra, and now three shirts of mine. Two black and a brown, so I am thinking there's a clean load of laundry stashed somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Those nursing bras are so essential .. hope you find it soon. I swear I wore one for 15.5 mos with my second born - only way to halt those leaks. :)

Sounds like a good dinner. ;)

Snow Mommy said...

That's wishful thinking that the shirts would be clean!