Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learning By Doing

This morning, I was laying in bed, nursing Drew who was half asleep, and enjoying the early morning sun peeking through the blinds. All was quiet, as the older kids were not yet awake. Suddenly Marty comes into the room.
"Honey, come quick! There's a bald eagle standing by the pond, and he's HUGE! Seriously, like this big!" (Holds hand to just below his hip.) "Quick! Take a picture!"

I quickly located Drew's bink, stealthily un-latched him and slipped the bink in before he really noticed. Went out into the living room, and saw the eagle trying to sit on a tree branch, but failing as he was much too heavy for the flimsy branch. I ran to the kitchen, switched to the zoom lens, grabbed a fresh battery and quietly snuck outside.

I am just getting stared in photography. Meaning that I am still learning and not sure what to do when things go wrong. I am borrowing this lens from Amy as this will be my primary wedding lens, and it turns out there is a dial on this lens that switches it from auto focus to manual focus. And if that dial is halfway in between, you cannot change the focus at all. Drat.

The eagle swooped, and before I had a chance to zoom in or try and find out why the camera was not focusing, I just shot.

By the time I figured out what was wrong, I must have scared the eagle off, because he did not come back. Marty had to leave for work anyway, but now I know to watch for him in the future. I am disappointed that I was set up to get a really great shot if I had a clue what I was doing more experience, but hopefully I can get the shot again.

At least the ducks get to live to see another day!


TheOldestStudent said...

I'm a bit torn... I LOVE eagles, and I want them to be properly fed. However, I LOVE ducks, and want them to live... hmmm. Oh well, hopefully the eagle found breakfast elsewhere

Shari said...

Your comment about the ducks in the end is hilarious! Way to think about the ducks!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are GREAT shots. :) Very cool! Maybe it'll be back ... probably has to feed some babies. ;)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

OOOH I love eagles! SO fun to see them all over the county lately :)

Love my babes said...

Great view from you home:o)