Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Rollercoaster of Life

It has been interesting around here lately.

We were thrilled with the letter that told us our $4,600 hospital bill was taken care of. We had $600 saved for it, and were planning on how to spend the money. Marty wanted me to take some of it for myself, since I worked so hard getting everything together and applying for the program. I have wanted a gas grill for a long time, and I think it would pay for itself considering how much I spend on charcoal. I started pricing grills, and found that Sears had last year's models on closeout, which means screaming deals right now. Then Marty got his $400 ticket. That was my grill budget and then some. Drat.

Marty called me on Sunday, he was following me to church and my tire was really low. I just filled it up three weeks prior, and have had a problem with a slow leak for a little over a year now. It's time for new tires. Double drat.

When we met at the doctor's office for the twins' appointment, we went home separate ways to test to see which one was faster. When we got home, he asked if I had gone the speed limit. I replied, "I think so, but you know my speedometer does not work." Why am I thinking of a new grill when I don't have a working speedometer?

Emma's cousin Lily was over yesterday, and I had the girls stand back to back. Lily, who we get hand me downs from, is only about an inch taller than Emma right now. Soon, we will be giving our hand me downs to Lily. I am going to have to start buying Emma clothes. That is the downside to being freakishly tall, having tall children. Drat-e-ola.

Drew is in the midst of a growth spurt, and is waking every two hours to eat in the night. He has not done that since we left the hospital, and the lack of sleep is wearing on me.

This morning I woke up and stumbled, bleary eyed out into the living room, and the sun was shining, bathing the living room and kitchen in the most lovely glow. The sun is getting high enough in the sky to shine through the skylight in the morning and place a warm sunny spot on the kitchen floor. The trees are starting to show sprinklings of green as the leaves are budding and growing, and hummingbirds are coming by for a springtime visit, their darting about enticing playtime and fun. I breathed in the clean air, and was teased with the aroma of coconut lemongrass, my newest Scentsy scent. A good big stretch made everything fall into place.

Life is grand. I can grill with charcoal a while longer, and I have a van that runs, even though it has it's issues. My kids are healthy and my husband is great. The rest will figure itself out.

For now, I am going to play with my kids and enjoy the weather. And maybe grill steaks soon. Charcoal tastes better anyway.


Anonymous said...

My hubby is a purist in the grilling/barbquing thingy and charcoal is the ONLY way to go for him. :)
Ya know if you ever have a slow leak - just go to the nearest tire shop and they will USUALLY fix it for FREE - don't know if you knew that. :) And only buy 2 tires if you can. ;)
It was a wonderful morning here too - I saw a Mourning Dove last nite and this morning and I saw a couple Flickers ... I have a rather rough yard ... so the rotting stump helps bring the Flickers in.
Take a peak on my blog - I have pics of those birds. But I didn't take them.
:) Have a wonnerful spring morning!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I'm with ya girlfriend! Everything seems a little more manageable now that Spring has finally sprung around our neck of the woods. We're outside constantly!