Friday, April 3, 2009

Duct Tape is My Friend

My kids have all been good about bedtime. Part of it is early sleep training, and part is a blessing from God, but when we put the kids to bed, they go to sleep.

Most of the time.

Last night was an exception. Ben's secret stash (which I still haven't found) has devoured his Ted and morning milk cup. Teds are very important, they go everywhere with the boys and are must-haves for sleeping. Here's Grant and his Ted. Sometimes you need Ted, but don't have free hands to carry him.

Ben's Ted is identical, but blue. And it has been missing since before naptime yesterday.

Naptime went OK, I was able to trick him into loving up on another toy, but bedtime was a different story. Yesterday the boys got new Wonder Pets from my friend Brenda who came up to see us, so we decided to let the boys go to bed with their new toys to try and distract from the missing Ted.

And distract they did.

We put the boys to bed, and about five minutes later, we hear them giggling a little. The giggling turned in to full blown laughing, followed by jumping and shouting. We ignored them, knowing they would calm down eventually. After about a half hour, Marty went in to try and settle them.

They were riled up because of the toys, not doubt. But somewhere in Grant's little two-year-old mind, he thought it would be a good idea to do a little bed re-arranging.

Marty walked in to find Grant, quite proudly, standing buck naked in an empty crib. Ben was hanging out very comfortably in his crib with two pillows, two blankets, two dinosaurs, two monkeys, and Grant's diaper. I have never understood the logic of a two-year-old.

When Emma was little, she would take off her diaper in her crib and finger-paint with the contents. I bought pink duct tape with Emma, and duct taped the tabs together so that she could not get the diaper off. Today's task is going to Michael's craft store and buying some cool camo-print duct tape to keep Grant's diapers on. 'Cuz you have to be stylin' when you duct tape your children, or someone might call CPS.


Snow Mommy said...

Hope you find ted soon!

TheOldestStudent said...

LOVE the pic of Grant and Ted! So cute! I'm praying for the quick discovery of the missing Ted... I don't want you to go any more insane! hehehehe!

The Campbell Family said...

Sorry for causing bed-time trouble!!! I hope Ted turns up soon :(

Natalie said...

Oh that is too funny about the duct tape!