Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday! Tuesday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! Tuesday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This is NOT my second Not Me! Tuesday! because I cannot seem to finish them on Monday! lately.

I did NOT find my spacebar under the desk. I was NOT disappointed as I was hoping to discover Ben's Secret Stash and maybe come across the missing milk cup before summer comes and our guests start suggesting we hang out outside because our house smells like a missing-for-months milk cup.

We did NOT take the kids to Emma's new elementary school to show her the playground she will get to play on in Kindergarten. She was NOT thrilled beyond belief, and I was NOT just a little freaked out by this sign in a window of the basement.

Marty did NOT tell me to get over myself since the kids don't play in the basement.

Ben did NOT have a grand time letting Grant drive him around in the pretend car.

The kids were NOT just ecstatic about the whole idea of tether ball. They did NOT all have a grand time swinging that old ball around.

Emma did NOT beg and plead for Marty to play with her. When he finally tossed that ball around the very first time, she did NOT scream her little head off and run away.

No, she is NOT ducking in that last picture, she IS trying to hit it. Really. Oh, wait, no, not really.
Emma's screaming and running away did NOT prompt Grant to do the same, even though he had no clue why she was screaming or running away.
Emma did NOT decide to become a sailor and sail away into the night. I do NOT love this picture, but think I need to cut more bangs since she always has hair in her eyes.
On another note.
The twins' room does NOT look like this, even after all the laundry has been put away, simply because those dressers are so small that they do not fit all their clothes.

I did NOT straighten up a little before taking the picture, and I did NOT zoom in to cut out the baby powder that is spilled on the floor that I have not cleaned up yet. I am NOT disappointed that I missed the pillow under the chair, since if I am going to fake organization, I should really do it right.
I do NOT need to trade dressers with the twins, so that they have the one I share with Drew and Drew and I can have these. I am NOT dreading this project. I am NOT blogging instead of working on this. I am NOT using the excuse that all the kids are napping and I should not be working in their rooms right now. Yeah, that's it.
I did NOT find this this morning after I did the Great Computer Swap.

Those are NOT pieces of three different puzzles in there. All three puzzles are NOT going into the trash, and I am NOT hoping that Emma will not notice the missing puzzles.
It did NOT take two full CD's to copy all of the pictures I took of the kids in April. That was NOT after I went through and trashed half of them.

I did NOT invite my Aunt up for Friday to give myself a reason to finish painting/cleaning/swapping dressers.
I do NOT need to get off the computer and get to work.


Anonymous said...

I did NOT laugh out loud while reading this ... I did NOT pray for Emma that she would NOT notice. :)
Thanks for telling me WHAT you were NOT doing.

CulyQFun said...

Great NOT me's. I laughed out loud at a few.