Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foolish Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day! I love April fools, and usually try hard to find ways to trick people. We have used the "I'm pregnant!" thing a few times, but we are giving up on that one, since the vasectomy and all. Marty and I usually try to plan things together, just for fun.

We dress the twins in coordinating, but not matching outfits. Grant wears green and Ben wears blue, so people can tell them apart easily. Last year, I put Grant in blue and Ben in green. They just looked odd, but the only people we saw were my in-laws who know them well. No one questioned who was who, but my mother in law did ask me if they had gotten haircuts, since they "just look different today." Not the best joke. I am failing in my old age.

I am reminded of our joke eight or nine years ago, Marty and I were dating, but dating in secret. We were both managers of Lids stores in Washington. Marty was the area manager and I was a senior store manager, so we had seniority over the other stores. (Which was why we were dating in secret, he was not my boss, but since he was in a position of authority and he had hired me, he could be fired for 'inappropriate behavior.')

We decided to call everyone in the district and tell them that with Easter coming up, we had gotten direct orders from corporate to change the telephone greeting to "Hoppy Holidays from Lids, how can I help you?" We convinced all the stores in Washington and Oregon to do this, and told them that the district manager would be calling to check, so they had to answer the phone this way every time. We called back to make sure they were doing it, then we called the district manager and told him that the stores were doing their own thing, refusing to listen to us, and he needed to call them all and straighten them out.

We're funny.


Snow Mommy said...

That's funny. Yah, I would stay away from the we're pregnant one, that's how rumors get started!

Love my babes said...

My brother tries to say he is from any political party he knows I am not from everytime he leaves a message and makes up a great story everytime. This isn't even on April Fools day! It is fun to mess w/people. I do have a few friends that had pregnancies that resulted AFTER the "snip" so you could still use it or maybe next year just build up to it. YOu are so creative you could totally mess w/people.

Anonymous said...

That's funny with the "I'm Preggo" thingy. :) I did know someone who's hubby got a vasectomy and it was rather funny that they got preggo with their 4th - but that was a girl and they had all BOYS - so she was a blessing. ;) Then the mom got her tubes tied. :) No more surprises.
You know what they call a reversal of the vasectomy? A 're-connectomy' :)