Friday, April 10, 2009

What They Say VS. What They Mean

What twins say:
"Mommy, Queen, car wash!"

What twins mean:
"Mommy, I put my Lightning McQueen in the cat's water dish, and dumped the cat food in, too! Isn't that cool?"

What Grant says:
"Mommy, what Ben doing?"

What Grant means:
"Hey, mom, look at Ben. He found your stockpile of pumped breastmilk and is pouring it all on the floor!"

What Grant says:
"Bubba taked! da toy! fwom Gwant!" (Accompanied by crossed arms, a big lower lip, and a foot stomp)

What Grant means:
"Bubba took the toy from Grant."

What Grant says:
"Bubba (mumble) da toy! fwom Gwant!" (crossed arms, little lower lip, and no foot stomp)

What Grant means:
"I see Ben with a toy that I want. I am going to say he took it and see if you will give it to me, since he won't."

What Ben says:
"..." (Ok, Ben doesn't usually say a lot. But he will look right at you, with the biggest, happiest grin on his face. And sometimes, he will maintain eye contact and grin right at you. It's the eye contact that defines this one.)

What Ben means:
"I'm doing something naughty. Are you going to catch me? I know it's naughty, because I was just told not to and/or was just sent to time out for his very same thing. But I like to drive you crazy, Mommy, so I'm doing it again! Are you going crazy? Are ya? ARE YA?"

What Emma says:
"Mommy, I have a plan. Ok, this is serious. It really, really is serious. Really. OK, um... I really think we should... after dinner... I'm gonna eat my dinner all gone, first, I'm gonna eat the rice... then the chicken, then the beans, no, wait... first the chicken, then the beans... and then the rice, and after that I'm gonna drink my milk... Except when I drink my milk while I'm eating, silly me, I get thirsty! Hahahaha, I'm so silly! So after that, and after the boys eat all their dinner and after you eat all your dinner and after Daddy eats all his dinner... Ok, I'm serious. This is the plan. After dinner, I need to go potty, wipe, flush, and wash my hands, and then we can get our shoes on and... no, wait, our socks, then our shoes! For serious! We can go play outside! And I will dig, and Grant can swing on the swing, and Ben can ride his bike. Actually, we can all ride our bikes, but we have to get our helmets first, so we can be safe. Mommy, I know where my helmet is, we just have to finish eating and find the boyses helmets and we can go play, isn't that a great plan?"

What Emma means:
"After dinner, can we go outside and play?"

What Mom says:
"Hey guys, I know it's TV off time, but how about we have a special treat and you guys can watch a long movie?"

What Mom means:
"I need you to stop running around/asking questions/fighting/making noise/destroying piles of folded laundry/playing tug-of-war with the cat/shoving things in the VCR. So I am going to let the TV keep you occupied so I can stay a little sane. Just a little, that's all I'm asking for."


Anonymous said...

I see you have the interpretation of YOUNGSTER'S tongues. :) CUTE! ;) Does Emma take after YOU? ;) Good Friday to you!

Snow Mommy said...

That is sooooo Emma!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

PERFECT interpretations!

Carmen O. said...

funny! Can you come to my house and do some translating?