Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursdays With Tiffani

I am Thankful for... My hubby who gave me a gift certificate to The Chrysalis Spa a while back. Holly for going with me, and Gabby at the Chrysalis for giving me a fantastic pedicure. But most of all, I am thankful for my brother-in-law Dan, who was willing to watch all six kids by himself while we went and got pampered, them when we returned, roto-tilled my garden for me. Thanks, Dan! You are an incredible guy, and Holly is lucky to have you.

I'm listening to... Emma following Ben around, singing Christmas Carols to him. Yup, it's April. My kids are nuts.

What I'm looking forward to... Easter! The traditional raw egg toss, and good food and family. Remembering why we are here, and thanking God again for his incredible sacrifice. Holding my kids close and fighting back tears as I picture what God went through for a crazy, flawed, sinner like me. Wow.

What's for Dinner Tonight... Really, I should plan dinner better so this is not a problem every Thursday. Last night was red curry over rice. I have n idea what tonight will be, but I better figure it out soon so I can get something thawing.

Missing.... A lot of things now. However, with last weeks adventure of Ben losing Ted and his milk cup, I was able to find, (drumroll, please!) my nursing bra! Yay! It was in a box of Emma's outgrown clothes in her room, along with a single sock of mine and a sock of Marty's. Strange. I did find Ted, but the milk cup is still missing, a week later. That's gonna be nasty.

I went through the boy's clothes in the shed last night, bringing in 10 boxes and bins and trying to find the twins' old spring clothes for Drew, and my stocked up supply of spring clothes for the twins. I was successful in finding clothes for the twins, but I cannot find anything for Drew in the sizes between three months and twelve months. Which means in the massive amount of un-organized boxes in the shop or the shed there may or may not be boxes that may or may not be labeled correctly with boy's clothes. And if I don't find them today, I have to go out and buy Drew an Easter outfit, when I may or may not have two perfectly good ones already.

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