Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(cue sappy game show music now)

Announcer: Now is the time when we take a random question from the audience! Who has a question? Yes, you there in the back, what is your name, and where are you from?

Audience Member: Um, hi, my name is Cathy, and I am from Sioux City, Iowa. First of all, I just want to say, Tiff, I love your blog and I think you are the funniest person ever. I mean, EVER. Really, you are so cool. Anyway, I had a question, I noticed you have some advertising on your blog, what is that all about?

Tiff: Hi, Cathy, and thank you for the compliments, you are too kind. Yes there is advertising here, I am trying to exploit my children's mishaps for a paycheck make a little money off my writing. Hey, we are in a recession, you know! There are the Google ads that rotate depending on my current content, and a new ad from Scentsy.

Cathy: What is Scentsy?

Tiff: Well, Cathy, I'm glad you asked.

Announcer: Are you tired of the same old smells around your house? Are you worried that your unruly children will knock over your essential oil burner? Have you heard about the house fires caused by some plug in scent dispensers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need Scentsy!

Cathy: Wow, this is beginning to feel like a commercial. Um, I just come here for stories about pee.

Tiff: Well, Cathy, we wouldn't dream of using this blog to shamelessly promote a product without some form of compensation. But hey, you asked, so I am more than willing to help out. Because you, loyal reader, are my number one priority.

Cathy: Ummm, thanks?

Announcer: Let's compare Scentsy to a regular essential oil burner. Here is a traditional burner.

See the dangerous flame? The tea light candles that constantly need replacing? And who can forget the constant need to blow out the candle before you leave the house? Just annoying!

But wait! Before you give up on having a wonderful scent filled home, here is a Scentsy warmer!

See the dashingly good looks? Stylish pattern? And it is simply a light bulb that heats the wax to release the sent. No danger of fire or burned children!

Cathy: But it is wax, right? That is dangerous!

Announcer: The wax melts at a cool temperature so there is no risk of burning!

Random Audience Member: Yes, I even got some of the wax in my carpet, and it came right out!

Cathy: Are you an audience plant? This is really weird. I was really just looking for projectile yogurt stories or songs about childbirth...

Tiff: Ha, ha, yes, Cathy, we all are. But you did ask, and therefore it is our obligation to tell you about the latest, greatest thing in home scents! There are over 80 scentsational scents to choose from, with a wide variety that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul. And the variety of warmers! Oh, my, don't even get me started there! Also, car candles, room sprays, the list goes on!

Another Random Audience Member: How do I find out more?

Tiff: Well, folks, that's the easy part. The convenient button on my sidebar will lead you straight to Scentsy's site! View the warmers, see what's new, place an order, or just browse around to see what it is all about, it's all available HERE!

Cathy: Well, I think my doctor's neighbor's dogwalker is a consultant, maybe I'll try and track her down...

Announcer: No need! Why go through all the trouble, when there is a Scentsy consultant HERE? Reliable, trustworthy, honest, and oh-so-very cool, Holly Snow is the greatest Scentsy consultant around!

Cathy: I have a cousin who lives in the farmlands of Whatcom county. How would I know if she would like the scents? Maybe Sweet Tea Magnolia doesn't go well with Corn Crop Fertilizer?

Announcer: That's the beauty of Scentsy! Your cousin can contact Holly and book a party of smelling fun, or just borrow a basket of scent samples if she just wants to order for herself! It really is that easy!

Cathy: Hey, where did this announcer come from, anyway? Isn't this a blog? Why do you have an announcer on your blog, Tiff?

Tiff: To promote Scentsy, of course!


JoEll said...

this was so cool and good job on it. I need to do this with my jewerly. You are so funny and have a good imagination

Stephanie @ dirtandlace.com said...

Hahaha. That was great. I'm thinking about shamelessly promoting my diaper cakes on my site, and maybe even exploiting my family with some Google ads. How much money can one make with those ads, anyway??

Tiff said...

Stephanie, the Google ads are a pay-per-click type of thing. So far, over 6 months and 210 posts, I have made just shy of eleven dollars.

At least it pays more than changing my kids' diapers!

Anonymous said...

You gotta make "Cathy" come back and post a comment - or ANY CATHY! :) LOL!
Ya - how do you get the moola from the ads? I was thinking about it - but just having to pay tax on that amount is a pain - I know - conscience! :(
Very cute entry though.
I also need to know how to hide links in the word (here) - I read the blogger help - but it didn't help me at all. :)
Thanks for the chuckle.

the story of my life... said...

You are so funny!! I have been working on a few myself..learning to make a few bucks for exploiting us..you are clever my friend!!