Friday, October 3, 2008

Ahhh, sweet bliss...

This morning dawned grand and beautiful. OK, really, it's overcast and dreary, but that's not what I am talking about. Let me back up a little.

I'm sure you are all aware of the lack of sleep in our house in the last couple of days. If not, you can read the last few posts and catch up. Yesterday, I was really looking forward to naptime, it is my favorite time of day anyway, but yesterday was going to be especially nice. Grant was so tired that at lunch, he asked to go night-night as soon as the last bite of apple was in his mouth. Of course, he will not go to bed without Ben, but Ben seemed ready to go, too, so they both went down about 20 minutes early. I spent a little one-on-one time with Emma, playing Don't Spill the Beans, and then she went down, too. Ahhh, the sweet sound of silence. It lasted about 15 seconds till I heard Ben cry. Not wanting him to wake Grant, I went in, gave him his bink, and laid him back down. He proceeded to cry for the next hour and a half. I tried everything to lure the little stinker into slumber-land, but to no avail. Ben did not nap at all, which meant that at about 4 o'clock, the meltdowns started, and it was a long night.

My greatest moment yesterday was when my sis-in-law (and knight in shining armor) showed up to play with the kids so I could get stuff done. I actually got to run to the grocery store all by myself, and prepare dinner without little hands trying to take everything off the counters. Thank you, Amy, you always show up just when I need you most!

After a fun evening with my in-laws, having dinner and watching Survivor, I went to bed hoping above all hope that I could get at least a little sleep. Ben woke at 11:30, and I binked him and went back to bed praying that it was not going to be a long night. I fell into a nice deep slumber and woke to the sound of crying at... 8:00! Holy Crayola, that was eight and a half hours of sleep! The new baby must have realized my need and stayed off my bladder all night, since I skipped my usual 3 am jaunt to the bathroom. Today, I thank God for sleep, He always provides what we need, we just need to know where to look for His miracles. And in this house, 8 hours of sleep is, indeed, a miracle.

Today, my task list is long, but I am off to a good start. I hope you all have a lovely Friday, mine is going to be grand!

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Love my babes said...

I am so glad you were blessed w/8 hours of sleep. I know how rare it is to cook dinner w/o too much added help. HOpe you have more of those moments.