Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Nice, Boring Day

Today is laundry day. Well, actually, every day is laundry day, I have to run at least one or two loads a day to stay caught up. But today, I am catching up from only doing one load a day all week, plus, I went through all the boy's clothes and pulled stuff out for fall. Being the cheapskate, I mean, frugal person that I am, I like to buy clothes ahead of time on clearance, plus coming from this huge family we get lots of hand-me-downs. I had four large bins to go through, and pulled out the boy's entire fall wardrobe from storage. Of course, it all smells like Grandma's Nasty Attic, so it all has to be washed. (OK, neither of my Grandmas had attics that I ever knew of, but it smells like I imagine Grandma's attic would smell like. You know, like in the movies where there are bats flying around and it is dark and musty and filled with cobwebs and mice, there's usually a little kid with a lantern looking for Grandpa's long ago stored away treasure map of the nearby mine shaft.) I did the same thing for Emma earlier this week, and add the fact that I had to basically wash my entire bathroom full of towels on Wednesday due to what has become known as the "Day of Pee" and I have Mount Kilimanjaro of laundry in the hallway.

The great thing about mountains of laundry is that they make for a really fun and exciting jungle gym. True, I don't ever have to subject myself to the germ-infused McDonald's play area, but I end up with clothes strewn all over the house by the time I am done. It usually takes a while to find them all, and inevitably some of the clothes are found by the kids when I have guests over. There's nothing better than having small children pull musty smelling shirts from under the couch while you are trying to hold the first adult conversation you've had in a year and a half.

Today has been productive, so I can't complain (too much.) I went to JoAnn's Fabric store this morning and found fabric for the boys' Halloween costumes out of the remnants bin, and only spent $11 on all of it. I can hardly wait to get sewing! Of course, I never use patterns, I just make it up as I go along, so I'll probably need more things I am not thinking of right now. Regardless, I am on my way to staying in my $50 budget, so I'm happy! Sorry this post is so boring, but it's been a boring day. Which, in this house is really kind of nice. Have a good evening, everyone, and have a happy Sunday!

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Snow Mommy said...

Yah for fabric! I'll bring the tinkerbell dress tomorrow night.