Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Big Night Out

We had a good time at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting last night. Hey, any place with food and door prizes is on the top of my list! I got to talk to a lot of business owners in the area, and they were all so sweet, I did not feel at all left out by being a stay at home mom. I did feel left out, however, by the door prizes. I am one of those people who always wins drawings and raffles, so to walk in last night and see a table filled with a TON of door prizes was a thrill for me. There was everything from gift certificates to local restaurants, stores, golfing, candy, yoga lessons, camping gift certificates, wine, a chocolate house, and even a cat condo. They drew a few numbers at a time throughout the event, and left the biggest prizes for the end of the night. Towards the end, my number still had not been called, so I was getting excited at the aspect of one of the bigger prizes. Alas, no win for me. With all the people there last night, and at the end, they said that there were only about six tickets left in the bucket. Congrats, I was one of only six non-winners. Whoopee-freakin-do.

Marty accepted his nomination for Board of Directors, and was voted in by a unanimous decision! Well, the whole running uncontested thing might have something to do with it, but we can still say he was voted in unanimously, right? I do feel bad for him, he is severely out-numbered by women on the board. That oughta be fun!

I did not end up wearing the sarong, I had already packed away all my summery clothes and did not have anything appropriate to wear under it. I had a pair of capris in mind, forgetting that they are already in the shed. Oh, well, I did have a floral shirt that fit the tropical theme. I still think the coconut bra and belly painted like a beach ball would have been cute, but I would have been cold, so it's probably for the best. Regardless, we really enjoyed the night out, and are looking forward to it next year. Although, next year, I'll be able to sample some of the wine, so it might be even more fun than this year!


Anonymous said...

You shoulda gone with the painted belly cause I think you woulda won then!!! Marty jinxed you!! :)
I'm glad you got to go out and do grown-up stuff even if you didn't get to drink!

Love my babes said...

Maybe you should have been a belly flasher and had the coconut bra and painted belly under a shirt and just flashed at will;O)