Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update (Yup, Still Talkin About Pee!)

A few days ago, I asked you all to give me your two cents on whether urine needed to be disinfected or just wiped up, since it is considered sterile and all. Honestly, it was not going to matter much what you all said, intelligent as you are, since I don't think I could ever just wipe up pee and not disinfect the area. Luckily, you all agreed with me, so I don't have to worry about hurting any feelings! Yay for all of us! Kristl freaked me out a little when she said it was only sterile to the person who made it, so Grant's isn't sterile to Ben and Ben's isn't sterile to Grant. I am definitely going to take Amy's suggestion and go pick up some Clorox wipes, I have not had them in a while due to budget cuts in or household, but I think they are needed now.

This morning, Ben went pee on the potty, and not on the floor! We did the "Ben went pee-pee on the potty" song and dance, and he was so excited that Grant wanted to try and sit on the potty again. He was not successful in going, at least not till he stood up and within twenty seconds, was peeing on the rug. Oh, well, it was all contained to the rug, so it's easy cleanup. I know that you are all going to get sick of me doing nothing but blogging about pee all the time, but lately, that's all I got. Hopefully, I'll get a life soon, and have something else to talk about.

Today is errands day. I have to hit the post office, the grocery store, Macy's, Target, and Marty's work, with all the kids in tow and hopefully be done before lunch and nap time. Not going to happen, but denial is kinda fun sometimes. Ooh, I just discovered something, never blog while cooking a big batch of pancakes, thinking that you will remember to flip the pancakes when it's time. I just smelled burning and had to think about what it might be for a minute. Wow, I'm a genius. Anywhoo, have a great day, everyone, I'm off to get some Clorox wipes!

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Kristl said...

Oh no... I honestly didn't mean to freak you out! :O(

Vinegar/H20 works great for a disinfectant, and it's not as hard on you/kids/environment as clorox is. It is, however, JUST as smelly as the bleach.