Friday, October 31, 2008

Sugar + Toddlers = CHAOS!

Happy Halloween! The kids went to bed after ten o'clock, following a long night of trick-or-treating. Why is it that when you are doing something fun and enjoyable, the night flies by, but taking a bunch of hyper, excited, sugared up kids to people's non-childproofed houses and trying to chit chat with the relatives while keeping your kids' little hands off of everything in sight makes the night soooooo loooooong? Just curious....

We usually go trick-or-treating with a caravan. We had my parents and Auntie Kelina join us for trick-or-treating in downtown Bellingham earlier in the day. My parents followed us to meet up with the rest of the group where we joined Marty, Auntie Holly, Uncle Dan, cousins Nate and Lily, and Auntie Amy. We drove around the county going to all the relatives we could fit into one evening. It definitely makes for a long night to drive to a house, unload all the kids, go in for a few minutes and try to keep them in line, then load them back up in the van and drive to the next place. Eight times. Marty and I kept thinking that next year, there will be one more kiddo to load in and out every stop. We may have to make some adjustments to the plan.

The costumes all turned out well. I completely scrapped Ben's original Santa Pimp hat and made a new one, a nice, red, pirate looking hat with a big white feather in it. He looked so non-santa-like that I was thrilled with the outcome, till we went up to a door and another parent commented, "Look, it's Christopher Columbus!" You have got to be freakin kidding me! Just because he liked to stash his hook in his trick-or-treat pumpkin did not make him a 500 year old explorer following Tink and Pan around.

By the time we got home, the kids were so hyped up that they just ran and screamed for quite a while. The boys don't eat much sugar, so the two candies they each had did a number on them. We knew there was no way we could put them to bed right away, their insane energy levels would have had them high-jumping out of their cribs and turning their bedroom into a WWE style wrestling ring. Instead, we let them burn off the energy by wrestling in the living room, under our supervision. Not that supervision was much better, since we were both so exhausted that we were half-dead on the couch and would not have had the ability to move if the house were on fire, much less have gotten up to stop an out of control wrestling match. After about fifteen minutes of extreme energy exertion, they had calmed down enough to read books and put them to bed. Ahhhhhh, sweet silence. This is my favorite part of Halloween. The time where I get to raid the kids' candy, taking my favorites out and hiding them for future chocolate cravings. Eating a few, knowing that the kids will never notice the missing treats, as long as I do not take the last of any particular kind. Emma's pumpkin was so full by the end of the night that she could not fit all the candy inside, and was stashing goodies other places. I will have to check her shoes tomorrow....

I hope you all had a good night. I have to go to bed now, I am pretty sure falling asleep on the keyboard would make for some pretty funky imprints on my cheek. I'll post pictures tomorrow, frankly, I am just too tired to do it tonight.

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