Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things They Should Teach In Nursing School

I completely forgot to write about my doctor's appointment on Tuesday! I went in for a check up after having all the contractions last week, and subsequently being put on Ibuprofen. They did an ultrasound to double check everything and it all looks good. After the ultrasound, they wanted me to meet with the doctor, so I was put into an exam room. I had the boys with me, and Marty had an appointment at work, so I was on my own with the twins in a teeny-tiny room. I was trying to keep them entertained with crayons and paper, I was feeding them crackers and I had candy ready in case I needed it. They kept dropping their paper out of the stroller, and I was having a hard time picking it up with my ginormous belly and the fact that there was not much room to move around in there. This is when the nurse walked in. "We got the results of your blood work back, and everything looks great, except we see that your iron counts are a little low. Have you been feeling tired or run-down lately?"

Luckily, I was able to stop the thoughts that went through my mind from becoming words that might have gotten me kicked out of the office. I simply stood there, staring at her, my mouth hanging open, until I was better able to communicate in a manner that did not involve quite as many four-letter words. "Um, I don't think I would even notice if I was more tired or run down than usual." She looked a little embarrassed, and mumbled something about me probably being busy and left. Thank God my actual doctors have a clue.

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Love my babes said...

It is amazing how clueless some people can be. I am glad things are looking good though. I was low on Iron when pg w/Corrin but not too bad and so I just ate Total since it has so much iron. They also say Cream of Wheat. Good job on keeping your tounge it can be so hard s/times.

P.S - Thanks for the prayers for my friends their last name is Garner