Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emma Code

Today has been filled with crying. Not by me, for some miracle, but the kiddos are driving each other up the wall. They all want the same toy, the same book, the same baby wipe that Ben pulled out of the box. (Don't worry, it's a clean baby wipe.) I suddenly heard Grant crying and saying "Owie!" through his tears, and when I looked over to see what happened, Emma saw me and immediately said, "I'll go say I am sorry." OK, so she's guilty of something. This was our ensuing conversation:

Me: "Emma, what happened?"
Emma: "Um, I was just very gently guiding him to go over there, and he tripped all by himself and hit his head on the wall."
Me: "So what you are saying is, you were being rough and pushed him down and hit his head on the wall?"
Emma: "Um, yeah."


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