Friday, October 17, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

The boys are getting into it full swing. As I type, Grant has an armload of Thomas the Trains, and is chasing Ben around the kitchen, because Ben has one. That's right, ONE. Grant has recently discovered the joy of building a fun track and connecting all the trains together, and wants them all. Poor Ben just wants his one little engine, to push over the hills of the track, but Grant is hell-bent on getting it. I have to say, it's pretty entertaining to watch Ben running away, his one little train clutched tight in his hand, grinning because he knows if Grant does get his one train, he will be able to get three from Grant in the process; with Grant chasing him, arms loaded full and crying. Grant drops about six trains on the chase and steps over them to get to Ben, but Ben is getting fast and Grant can't catch up anymore. At least all the chasing will wear them out and they will nap well for me today!

The interesting thing is, they are really starting to look out for each other, too. If Ben loses his bink and wants one, Grant will actually take the one out of his own mouth and give it to Ben, then go looking for another one. If they are both sitting on the couch and one wants to read, he will go get two books off the bookshelf, give one to brother, and climb back up with his own. I love to watch them share and take care of each other, it really makes up for the times that they hit each other over the head with toys.

I often wonder how their friendship will develop over the years. Will they continue to be best friends/worst enemies? Will the addition of another boy create the Three Musketeers or total chaos (or both?) Will they team up against their poor, defenseless little brother, or will one become closer to Emma while the other bonds more with the new one? I am sure there will be stages of all of the above, it will be interesting to see how the family changes over the years, if anything breakable survives, and how long it will be until I need to be medicated. I'm guessing not very long at all!

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