Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When Good Parenting Goes Wrong

First off, if you have not read the previous post, read that one first or this one will not make a whole lot of sense. I will wait here while you get all caught up. Ready? Here we go!

I have been working with Emma lately on bathroom rules. After washing her hands, she has been drying her hands on her hand towel, then throwing the towel on the floor. We have been working really hard on the fact that towels belong on the counter, not the floor, and she is to pick them up and fold them nicely and put them back on the counter. Can you see where this is going? After our bathroom fiasco this morning, I had used every towel in sight to cover puddles of pee, and had walked out with intentions to clean it all at naptime. Emma must have decided that today was the day that she was finally going to listen to me, and help me out, since I had not followed my own rules. Great intentions, really disgusting results. I had not brushed my teeth before the shower this morning, and at naptime, returned to the bathroom, pulled out a brand new toothbrush (my previous one ended up in the cleaning bucket after Ben took it over this morning), and brushed my teeth. Not really thinking, I followed my usual routine and wiped my mouth with the hand towel that was folded nicely on the counter. I quickly smelled a little something odd, and it only took about a half of a second for it all to come together and I realized what I had just done. Of course, there were no washcloths in sight, so I went running into the other bathroom to find one and scrub my mouth, trying to rid my face of the pee that was probably infiltrating my pores. Sorry, I know this is disgusting, but remember in my first post when I said I would be honest? It ain't always pretty! For better or for worse, this is my life. Tomorrow has GOT to be a better day!


Snow Mommy said...

OMG!!! Emma does take everything literally. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. luvs!

Love my babes said...

You poor gal. I feel for you. Just when they do what you want them to do it truly backfired. They sure don't write parenting books on this do they? Hope you have a better day tomorrow filled w/no pee unless in toilets. I have heard that putting cheerios in the toilet to give them s/thing to aim at works but you never know if they will fish them out for a snack either. Love,Amy

The Campbell Family said...

Oh but wait... it's ok because urine is sterile right?!?!?!?!

You poor poor thing! I hope today goes better for you!