Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some People Have No Sense of Humor

Tonight, we get a night out with grown-ups. Yes, that's right, folks, a night void of pee-pee, num-nums, and screaming. I hope, anyway. Tonight is the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. Marty told me last week that it was a tropical theme and we were instructed to wear our favorite beach-wear. Sweetness and sunshine! I have always wanted to go to an event where I had an excuse to wear a coconut bra and paint my belly like a beach ball! I was excited at the thought, until Marty put the kibosh on my idea. Seriously, just because he is being nominated for the Board of Directors, I can't have a little fun? Fine, but I am still protesting.

I will be going in my favorite Hawaiian shirt and possibly a sarong, depending on if I look like a beached whale in it. Regardless, I am looking forward to a night amongst grownups, it has been a long time!


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