Monday, October 27, 2008

A Productive Day

Whew! It's not quite one thirty, and I have gotten a lot done today. I am currently working on our Christmas card list, and once again, I cannot believe how big our family is. I have put together a list of our family and close friends, and I am already at 92 cards. I still have to get the list from my hubby of the people he knows and his business contacts, thank goodness for Costco and their cheap photo cards! Another reason to do Christmas cards early, you have time to hand deliver them, and can save a ton on postage. HeeHee! I also have put together my gift list, so I can start finding ways to creatively give gifts that are cheap, um, I mean, meaningful and home-made. I usually start this in August, but this year has gotten away from me. Saturday is November, can you believe it?

I made the boys doctor appointments for their two year check-up, it's ridiculous that we have to book so far in advance, but at least it's done. The kids are down for their naps, so I am going to get started on the boys' Halloween costumes. Yes, started. I haven't done them yet. Hopefully I will be able to get them done in the next two hours, and that they don't destroy them by Halloween. Gotta go, wish me luck!


The Campbell Family said...

"homemade" gift idea... i do the cookie mix in a jar thing. jars are cheap at walmart and i buy the ingredients on sale (always on sale this time of year) or at costco. set up an assembly line and fill jars. i buy a little bit of holiday fabric and use pinking shears to cut squares and we (matt!) hot glue them on top and tie ribbon around the lid w/a recipe card. you can make anything- cookies, brownies, soups... pick what you want and search online for the recipe! Or let me know and I can share the ones I have. btw, i write the measurements for what's in the jar on the recipe card too so they can make the recipe later w/o the jar!

Snow Mommy said...

Good luck with the costumes!

Melissa said...

You are way more organized that I will EVER be!!! How do you do it?!!

I've got a little award over on my blog waiting for you..