Saturday, December 6, 2008

Parenting At It's Best

Marty took Emma to a birthday party today. He was able to sit and socialize with the adults and not strain himself, so it was fine. He told me all about it when they got home.

Emma was playing in a playhouse with a little boy that had somewhat longer, wavy blonde hair. Marty said he saw the boy hit Emma on the head with a toy, Emma said something to him, and he hit her again, so she walked away. Great job, Emms! Marty called her over to see what happened. This was thier conversation. Remember, he is with all the other parents, including the mother of the little boy.

Marty: I saw that boy hit you in the head. Are you OK?
Emma: Yes, but it was a girl.
Marty: Actually, sweetie, it was a little boy, but I am very proud that you used your words.
Emma: Thank you, but it was a girl.
Marty: Sweetie, it was a boy.
Emma: No, Daddy, it was a GIRL!
Marty: I think I see why he hit you in the head.

Yup, that's my husband. If anyone wants lessons in his fantastic parenting skills, call and we can arrange something.


Tricia said...

You won the Bloggie Makeover Contest!! Congrats!!! Just email me and we will get started!

Tracie said...

Absolutely perfect, Marty. I couldn't have done any better myself. LOL :-)


Love my babes said...

Emma and Kolette would get along fabulously. She considers anyone wearing pink or w/longer hair a girl. She also isn't afraid to point it out quite loudly. Go Emma! and Go Marty!