Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are You Ready For Christmas? And Other Ramblings...

I was tagged by Amy at Love my Babes a few days ago, but I've been procrastinating. She wanted to know how close we were to being ready for Christmas, and I needed to do my inventory, but didn't get to it until last night.

I am close. Unfortunately, all my great planning getting my Christmas cards before Thanksgiving did not get them all addressed yet, I am still waiting for the magical fairies to come and finish them for me, but none have shown up yet. Drat. I sorted stocking stuff, and Emma is good, but I need a couple of more things for the boys. One more gift for each of my kids, and we are done there. I still have a couple of projects that will remain nameless to finish, and I am running out of time. Also, the twins' birthday is on Friday, and we are having a party here. I need to clean and get the last few things for the party. It would really be nice to not give birth between now and then, but that's not really up to me. Basically, I am behind. A lot. But instead of tackling my list, I am blogging about it, since that makes more sense.

Oh, that reminds me, I had a crazy dream last night. I dreamt that I was pulled over for something minor, but there was a new law saying I was going to have to go to jail. I went to the booking place and the detective guy decided I was about to go into labor and let me go home instead. Very strange. But that reminds me that I forgot to tell you that Marty got pulled over last weekend! By the way, to my neighbors, that was MARTY in my van that was pulled over in the driveway, not me. He did not get a ticket, but it was pretty funny that he told the cop that he is our insurance agent, and then the insurance card he had expired last July. HeeHee!

I'm off to clean and do other boring things. Have a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Ah dreams about policemen pulling you over and other oddities. Bill Gates didn't have his up-to-date insurance card in his car - it was JUST after midnite - the guy gave him a ticket anyway ... I think he was fired for that - but he may have been those guys that give their gramma's a ticket. :) I'm glad they let you go home. :)
Now get cracking JK ... well that's what policemen dreams usually mean ... you're not DOING something that you KNOW you need to do. ;) Love your blog! :)

Love my babes said...

Yea Tiff!! For a woman about to have a baby anytime you are on top of it. I would have to say I can relate it would be rude to not at least sample each dessert at the dessert table. After you will work it off in "labor" right?