Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Long, Eerie Night

I have been sleeping on the couch the last couple of nights. No, Marty and I are not fighting, but we are sick, and I am pregnant so we sleep better this way. Prior to this, I had been getting up seven or so times a night, and lack of sleep makes me cranky. Well, crankier than normal. I don't think anyone would say I have the sweetest disposition when I am nine months pregnant.

Anywhoo, the couch has made it so I can sleep propped up, and I end up less stuffy and congested. I know, you all really want to know this, but this is my blog and I'll blog about whatever I want. See, there's the cranky coming out! Our snow has started to melt at a rapid rate, and big chunks of snow and ice have started to fall from the roof. Since our roof is metal, it makes a really weird noise as it breaks, slides, goes over the edge and falls with a thud to the ground below. When this is the sound that wakes you from sleep, it is even weirder. The thing is, I knew it would happen, and I knew what the sound was, I even was 100% sure that there was no way it was loud enough to actually be a section of the roof of our house that was collapsing and falling into one of the kids' bedrooms, squashing them in their sleep, so why did I have to get up and check anyway? I think it's a mom thing. It does not matter how ridiculous the possibility of the imagined peril, you have to go find out for sure, or you will not sleep. I think it is the same instinct that makes you stay awake with a newborn, since there is no way that new life will be able to continue breathing all night if you are not diligently watching each rise and fall of their little tiny chest. The same instinct that makes you turn around in the grocery store when you hear any child shout, "Mom!" even though you left your kids at home with your spouse. Moms as a whole are a crazy bunch.

Overall, I did sleep relatively well last night. I got a solid 3 hour stretch, which hasn't happened in weeks. Some people say that this is God's way of preparing a mother for the waking of a newborn all night. I say that's a bunch of baloney. Why would God prepare someone for lack of sleep by making her go into it exhausted already? I know God has a sense of humor, but that's just plain mean.

Today I am planning on attempting to clean up a little more of the Christmas mess that still lingers around my house. Since I can bend over and pick things up approximately two times before falling on the couch exhausted, it is taking a while to get everything cleaned up. At this rate, I should be done about 2011. Wish me luck!


Tracie said...

Remember you have people who are willing to come over and help out. All you have to do is ask!!
Love you. Let's have that baby soon!!!

Wendy Whitlow said...

I hate to hear you're under the weather Tiff. If you have friends/family offering to should really take them up on it. :)

The countdown begins in January right?! I hope I get your address sometime soon!:)

Love ya!


Love my babes said...

I would love to come over and help but the drive might be a little tretcherous right now. I remember sleeping on the couch while pregnant too and not b/c of fighting. At our old house we had a waterbed and I couldn't roll out near the end. The fun is almost over in the bending over dept. Next comes more lack of sleep w/a sweet baby to hold to make up for it.
Love ya!