Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas And Last Couple Of Days

We are a family of tradition. Some times, things happen that get in the way of tradition. We have always had a bustling, busy Christmas Eve/Day, and I have always wanted to slow down a little and spend some time with just us. This year, the snow created the reason why, between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when we are usually doing 4 Christmases at least, we only did one. We got to spend a lot of time with our little family and we enjoyed it a lot. We missed the family that we were unable to see, and it felt a little strange, but hopefully we will catch up with everyone soon.

Christmas day we had snow up to my hip. I don't know how much exactly, since we don't have a yardstick, but at least two and a half feet of snow gathered in our yard and driveway. My darling, hardworking husband spent over an hour on Christmas eve trying to dig us out, and was unsuccessful. We got more snow that night, and Marty spent another three and a half hours Christmas morning digging the van out of the driveway so we could go to his family's Christmas. I am so happy he was willing to go through all that work since it is a long driveway, and two of the neighbor's four-wheel-drive trucks got stuck, but Marty's hard work and snow skills prevailed and our van made it to Christmas. It was wonderful, I think the day would have been a lot less fun if we had missed every part of our Christmas traditions. My parents were going to come up, but decided to postpone the trip for the snow. I am hoping to see them soon.

The snow finally started melting today. It has warmed up a bit, and we have lots of drips and we can actually see Marty's car again. I am really praying it melts before it rains, I am starting to worry a little about our roof. It is pretty low-pitch, and I am concerned it might collapse under the weight of the snow and rain. Also, it is metal, so sending someone up there to clear it off would be really stupid. All we can do is pray.

We have been lazy the last few days. The last couple of days we have not actually been snowed in, but going out would be a hassle and knowing the idiots out there driving it is not worth the risk. We should be getting a ton of stuff done around the house, but we are all sick and severely lacking energy. I guess the timing is good, since we are not missing anything being sick, but it sure would be nice to use this time a little more productively.

I had been hoping to have the baby this weekend, but with everyone being sick I am now hoping we hold off a little longer. I really do not want to bring a new baby brother home to a sick household and not let the other kids near him for fear they will sneeze green goobers all over the new baby.

Anyway, Christmas was wonderful. We had good family time and I made a turkey that turned out really well, very moist and tender. Yay for my turkey! We have a ton of leftovers, since it was a 20.5 lb. turkey for two adults and three small kids, but that will be good. I hope you all had a great day as well, and enjoy the rest of the weekend as an extension of Christmas. I am off to cuddle kids and take a nap.

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