Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out of The Mouths Of Parents

There are some things that we believe we will never have to say. I think we were all shocked to announce that the Seahawks were going to the super bowl. We can all think of examples of phrases that we believe will never cross our tongues. Sometimes, however, words come out of your mouth that make you stop and think a minute, wondering if anyone could have predicted that particular sentence. One of these times was this morning. We were relaxing with the kids watching morning cartoons, when suddenly Marty says, "We do not put baby Jesus in the toilet!" After about five seconds, we both busted out laughing. The kids did not get it, and were really confused. We probably should have put the boys' new potties in the bathroom last night instead of leaving them out in the living room, but at least they were being used. Maybe they thought since baby Jesus was born in a stable, he needed to be taken out of the nativity and given a bath?


The Campbell Family said...

That truly is something I never thought I'd hear anyone say! I wish I had a blog when Emilie was little, or better about the journal. Thanks for the laugh :)

Snow Mommy said...

I can soo see them do that!