Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Blog About Nothing

I have bloggy block this morning. After my rant yesterday about stupid people being stupid on Black Friday, I feel the need to lighten it up and make you all laugh with some misfortune of mine. But the boys haven't peed anywhere lately, Emma hasn't come up with a new way to describe my ginormous belly and the effects it has on my mobility, and Marty has actually been rather sweet. Wow, I can't believe I am actually on the verge of complaining that things are going well! I better stop now or Marty will call and say something stupid, just to keep me happy. Yes, we are dysfunctional. It works for us.

I could go on another rant, like how stupid is it that they make maternity shirts in horizontal stripes? But two rants in a row seems a little negative, even for me. So I will not comment on how the ads always have cute pregnant women in stilettos (seriously?) or how I cannot find a roasting pan after Thanksgiving. I won't mention those things. Not even once.

If anything funny happens today I promise to blog about it, but right now nothing is coming to me, so I will just hit the laundry pile and hope for some excitement that does not include bodily fluids. I am going to enjoy my boring day, since these don't happen very often around here. I am so glad I don't believe in jinxing myself, or I'd be in for it with that last comment!

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