Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come On, Spring, Where Are Ya?

I know, it's still December. The tree is still up, and the Christmas dinner leftovers have not been all eaten yet. There is still snow on the ground, and more to come. It has been winter for what, a week? But my seed catalog came in the mail, and I got excited about the idea of planning my garden and now I cannot wait for spring to come. The iris in my front yard has teensy little buds on it, just enough to get me thinking that spring is just around the corner, but make me wait for months on end for it to show it's springy face.

I did a garden for the first time last year. I was so thrilled at the idea, we were just feeling like we had gotten our heads above water with the twins' baby days, and I had great plans for the summer. Then I got pregnant again, and I changed my plans a little due to morning sickness. I did not plant everything I was going to (the though of onions made me sick, so I ignored them) and the herb garden did not get as much use as cooking was not high on my list of things to not make me puke. This year will be different. I want to be successful(ish) in the garden, I might actually have time to weed every now and again, and now I know to watch for the neighbor's chickens coming into the yard and eating all the corn seeds. I am ready for spring!

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Love my babes said...

Do you have a backpack carrier? Since you are only having 1 baby this time it is a wonderful tool and you could tinker away in the yard if the baby is awake and needing to be close. I loved mine w/Kolette. The grass is peeking out in our yard makes you think of spring but I know unfortunatly it probably is too far off.