Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I usually do not fall into the category of people who make resolutions. Besides the easily attainable ones, like when I was newly pregnant with Emma and I resolved to gain 30 pounds, or when I had the twins and I resolved to lose twenty, which happened in three days. (Don't hate me, I had twins, remember?) Last year, my only resolution was to not get pregnant this year. Sometimes, God has a great sense of humor, doesn't He?

I have decided to actually make some New Year's resolutions this year. I am feeling a little like I need a plan and purpose for this year or I will go completely crazy and not just a little crazy, which is how I live my life. Call them resolutions, call them year-long goals, whatever, here is my plan for 2009.

1. I resolve to hold it together enough to not be institutionalized this year. That's the only shred of sanity I am trying to keep. The rest is going to be long gone, and I am OK with that.

2. I resolve to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes at some point. Not the ones before Emma, or even the ones before the twins, but just those that I was wearing at this time last year. Oh, and not just get into them, they have to button all the way and not look completely ridiculous.

3. I resolve to NOT resolve to not get pregnant. (Confusing, but think about it for a minute. Get it? OK!) I am certainly not planning on getting pregnant, which is why Marty had his vasectomy, but I am not going to play chicken with God again. He always wins.

4. I resolve to try and become a little more organized this year. I will never be like Martha Stewart, nor would I want to be, but being able to find both shoes when I want to leave the house would be nice. However, with all these shoe-stealing children running around, I might be a few years away from that goal. We will have to see.

5. I resolve to finish the boys' room. I have one more wall to paint, and the hanging light needs to be put up, and a few more details need to be done to pull it all together. I better be able to finish it in a year!

Well, that's about it. Happy New Year's everyone! What are your resolutions?

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