Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of These Things Is JUST Like The Other

I do not understand the thrill of wanting only what your brother has. We bought the boys new potties for their birthday (ones with a really high guard in the front, so hopefully I won't get peed on anymore!) and they are sitting in my bedroom still in their boxes. I have not put them away till their birthday since frankly, our house has no storage at all, and I have no place to put them. Besides, who cares if they see them before their birthday? They are turning two. I really doubt that will be the memory that sends them into therapy.

The potties are identical. The boxes are identical. The boys like to sit on the boxes in the morning and watch TV. Why, oh why then, do these boys need to fight over just one? They are exactly the same!!! I got so frustrated this morning with these boys shoving each other off one box so they could sit there, even though the IDENTICAL box was right there. I purposely bought identical potties so we could eliminate the fighting. Silly me!

I dread the time when they get interested in girls...

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