Friday, December 26, 2008

I Got Some Love!

Melissa over at Full Circle showed me love the other day, but being close to Christmas I did not have a chance to blog about it. My mission is to accept this wonderful award and admit to five addictions. So here they are.
1. I am addicted to chocolate. When I was about seven, I was told I was allergic to chocolate, so I had very little of the fantastic numminess until another doc told me that was not true at the age of twenty-five. I have a lot of lost years of chocolate enjoyment to catch up on.

2. Blogging. (Duh!)

3. Bath and Body works antibacterial hand soap. I have all different scents, and I love them.

4. Chuck. It is the greatest TV show ever. It is the number one show in my DVR, and I love it. Did I mention it is the greatest show ever?

5. My hubby says I am addicted to seasonal decorating. I really do not think I am nearly as bad as some of my friends, so maybe this is not an addiction, or maybe I am still in denial. My decorations are stored in color coded bins, so Christmas is green and red, Halloween is orange and black, Easter is pastel, etc. However, I only have five Christmas bins and three fall/Halloween bins. That's not an addiction, right? Right?!?

I now bestow this award to five of my bloggy friends,
1. Holly at Snow Mommy
2. Tracie at Little Bearfoot Farm
3. Amy at Love My Babes
4. Brenda at The Campbell Family
5. Erin at live, Laugh, Love

Have fun!


Love my babes said...

Ok Tiff I did it but so couldn't copy and paste the award onto my blog. I am computer illiterate just ask Holly. How are you feeling?

The Campbell Family said...

The color coding is smart, however we have too many bins to deal with that. I don't really consider 3 bins excessive, either does Matt. I think we have 4 or 5 for Easter, 6+ (one is a double size!) for Halloween and Matt says TWENTY of Christmas. That's NOT including all of his outside decor. You my love, are NOT overly doing it. Tell Marty to come look in our garage.....he'll suddenly love all of your bins!!!

The Campbell Family said...

Oh, and I have one "fall/thanksgiving" bin, and one "valentine's/st.p's." and a "party" bin :)