Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve and The Reindeer Had an Accident!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We had a fun and eventful Christmas Eve. We woke up to six to eight inches of new snow, add that to what we already had and Marty could not get out of the driveway to get to work this morning. It kept snowing all day, we took the kids out and they had a blast. We don't own a yardstick, so it's just a guess, but I think we have a total of between a foot and a half and two feet of snow. It is amazing, I can only remember one time having this much snow, and never at Christmas. What a way to slow down and appreciate the day.

The kids were hesitant at first going outside, Marty and I had to stomp a path for them to follow. The boys wandered our path for the longest time, but since the snow was past their waists and up to their elbows, they would not venture out on their own. Emma finally did, but the most adventurous of the bunch was our crazy cat. He leaped and bounded in the snow that was deeper than he is tall, but just kept going. I'm telling you, he is actually a dog.

Our plan this evening was to go to Marty's Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas Eve. I was a little concerned that we would not be able to get out of the driveway, so Marty headed out early to take a test drive. His plan was to go down the driveway, onto the road and see how the road was, and turn around and head home. He spent over an hour digging and driving, and moved the van a total of four feet. We stayed home.

I quickly threw together a dinner and we ate to the sounds of Christmas music, and wanting to make the night special, I read them the Christmas story out of Emma's children's Bible. I tried to explain to Emma that the story was real, that it really happened a long time ago, and Jesus really lived. Emma seemed to get it, and was really excited at the thought. "Really, Mommy, it really happened?" "Yes, baby, this is a true story." "Did Santa go to the stable, too?" Oh, Crapola.

The kiddos are in bed, and I am headed there soon, too. The gifts are wrapped, the stockings are full, and the cookies have been nibbled. The carrots for the reindeer have reindeer teeth marks in them, and the reindeer must have really been excited since they pooped on the rug. In this house full of pee and dirty diapers, it seems crazy that every mythical creature that enters has an accident. Between the Easter Bunny and the reindeer, we go through a lot of raisinettes. Yes, it is Marty's idea.

Anywhoo, I probably will not be blogging on Christmas, but will be spending it with the family. Have a very merry Christmas, and slow down and enjoy the day. I'll have plenty of stories come Friday, I imagine!


The Campbell Family said...

Why do the reindeer come in your house??? You need a "santa only, no reindeer allowed" sign for next year!!!

Snow Mommy said...

Oh Marty! Hope you can make it out today....we got more snow last night!

Tiff said...

Brenda, the reindeer come in because we leave carrots. I know, Santa could put the carrots in his pocket and take them up to the roof for them, but Emma really wanted to leave ranch dip as well, so I think Santa didn't want to put the ranch in his pocket and stain his suit.

I will have to try the sign next year, but can reindeer read, or will they just come in anyway?!?

The Campbell Family said...

lol maybe you need 'to go' containers for the dip!!! Santa can read and can tell his deer to stay out!! I'm waiting for my kids to figure out how there is a bit off carrot piece left on the plate but the deer don't come inside... so santa must take it the carrot to them and bring back the trash???? :) Oh the things we go through for our angels!!